Hi, I'm Ray! I'm a thirty-something-year-old electrical engineer, working at an MEP consulting firm in metro-Detroit. I'm a city girl, through and through, and cannot imagine living anywhere else! My biggest vice, by far, is shopping; surprise, surprise. I am obsessed with shoes, unicorns, tea, and politics. I love my two cats more than anything in the world. Fall is hands down my favorite season. My family and fiance are the most amazing people in the universe and I would fall to pieces without them. I firmly believe that flaws are beautiful and I would rather be genuine than perfect. 

I created Four Season Fabulous as my creative outlet during grad school. Since graduating, I have continued to use by blog to share my personal style and other passions in life. 

Since paying off grad school is costing me an arm and a leg, I am all about budget friendly fashion that reflects my personality and mood on a daily basis. I think you can look and feel great, rain or shine, all year long, without spending a lot of money. I hardly wear the same outfit twice and love to mix things up with different accessories. I would describe my style as colorful, comfy, and coordinated; I am all about the details. I love blogging because it keeps me energized to gain and give inspiration with other like-minded ladies!

Thank you for stopping by Four Season Fabulous, please feel free to email me with any comments, questions, or suggestions, I would love to hear from you at: fourseasonfabulous@gmail.com 


  1. So nice to meet you!
    I just found your blog.
    I am now following and I look forward to keeping up!


    1. Thanks so much Christina!
      Its nice to meet you too.
      Happy to have you following along =)


  2. This is a girl of Inspiration for me !!! I Thank you RAY !!!!! Your so sweet and always on point with your OOTD. Keep moving forward and let nothing stop you !!! Best wishes for everything you do !! <3 <3

    Claudiag1125 (instagram)