30 January 2014

Friday Faves: Home Office Make-Over

One of my 52 things in 52 weeks for this year is to give my home office a make-over. After I graduate, I plan on moving into a larger apartment and having a fresh start for my office. Right now, I use my spare bedroom as my study and it is primarily composed of things I have collected over my many years as a student. Between numerous moves, various roommates, and a slim budget over the past 10 years, I have quite the eclectic assortment of items in my study. Moving into the next stage of my life post-college, I would like a space that reflects my personality and that I feel inspired to work in. I have already started pinning office decor ideas and planning things that I would like to include in that space (follow along on pinterest here). Today, I have compiled some of the things I am already smitten with for my future office and am excited about as I continue planning my office make-over. As you can see I am loving black and white with splashes of gold and pink. I love how clean and crisp a white foundation gives to a space, how classic black is, the touch of sparkle gold gives, and of course the girlie quality a dash of pink can bring to a room. So, without further adieu, my Friday faves:

Home Office Make Over

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What are you loving this week?

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Throwback Thursday: Fall Plaid & Stripes

Happy Thursday loves! This week I cleaned-up my hard drive to make room for this semester and this year in general. Sorting through my photos, I realized I have a few outfit from the fall that never made it to the blog. In order to rectify this great tragedy, I thought I would do a short segments of "throwback" looks for the next few Thursday's in honor of #tbt. Plus, with all the relentless cold, it's nice to take a moment and remember when you could leave the house without looking like a marshmallow and not die of frostbite. Today, I decided to first share what turned out to be basically what I lived in this fall; leggings, boots, sweater, vest, accessorize, repeat. To keep this "uniform" (also discussed here) fresh throughout the fall, I tried to mix it up with unexpected colors, prints, textures, and an extra layer for dimension here and there.

vest: old navy | sweater: jcrew factory | scarf: zara | tank: target | boots: target | leggings: target | purse: target | bracelet: very jane | necklace: mint sugar boutique

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28 January 2014

Cream Sweater & a Mustard Scarf

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! I hope everyone is keeping warm and toasty. Here in the Detroit area we were in negative temps all day, not so fun. Luckily, I bribed Kevin to take some photos in advance (when the weather was nicer), so I have an outfit post today. With how cold it's been, I have been living in sweaters, knits, and fleece. This particular combination might be my favorite this year. I would live in this cream sweater if it were socially acceptable, I am totally obsessed. In addition to this cable knit sweater, I found these sweater leggings online and they are so cozy! They have done an excellent job of keeping my stems warm this winter. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals when I know I will be spending my time at home or at a coffee shop doing homework, so this outfit is a perfect example of how I typically dress on Sundays.  

I need to take a moment to gush about this scarf before I return to homework for the evening. First of all, I love this scarf. Seriously, it is beyond perfection. I met Kat on instagram and was introduced to her adorable Etsy shop, Momma Sweet Pea Crochet, where I fell head over heels for her work. She crochet's these infinity blanket scarves in custom colors (choose from basically any color ever), or you can buy from her current inventory for quicker arrival. It's like wearing a blanket all day - so soft and warm. The quality and her prices are amazing too. Make sure to stop by today and order yours; it'll help you survive this treacherous winter, I promise!

sweater: old navy | leggings: white plum boutique | boots: dsw (old) | scarf: c/o momma sweet pea crochet | tank: target
necklace: mint sugar boutique (similar) | bracelets: pave link-very jane (similar), bangles-oldnavy, gold link-jcrew factory | purse: target (similar)

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27 January 2014

Old Navy Super Cash: Spring Crush Edition

It's that time again, Old Navy super cash from the holiday season is eligible to be redeemed! Although I am not shopping this month, I couldn't help but take a look at the sale items and new inventory available on their site. Maybe its the constant ice, snow, and negative temps, or maybe its the bright colors, fun prints, and nautical pieces, but I am totally swooning for spring pieces way, way, way too soon. It won't be spring here until around May, but that doesn't mean a girl can't daydream. Since the super cash and new arrivals may have lots of you itching to start spring shopping early, I have compiled my favorite items to share with you. 

As you can see from the pieces that I am crushing on, I am excited for nautical themed pieces to return full time to my closet. I am also ecstatic over the return of mint, coral, and crisp white pieces again this spring. Lastly, I am loving seeing the extension of shimmery, sparkly, and sequins pieces as we transition to a new season. So, take advantage of your super cash while you can and pick up some great new pieces for spring at a discounted price. One tip for making for super cash stretch is picking up pieces you can wear now and into the spring, like a bright colored sweater, pastel skinny jeans, or a lightweight scarf. Pieces that can work double duty are twice as nice! 

What trends are you most looking forward to this spring? 

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24 January 2014

Friday Favorites: Winter Essentials

It's double the fun on FSF today, two posts in one day! The world MUST be ending, right? Nope, probably not, I am just finally posting a bunch of things that have been in the works so I hope you enjoy!

A few months back I rounded up some of my seasonal favorites and did a post on all the things I couldn't live without last fall. Well, now that the polar vortex part dos is assuring us that winter is sticking around for awhile, I decided I might as well compile the products and pieces I am currently loving, and couldn't survive the season without. 

Wintertime Favorites

Essie Polish: No other time of the year says "sparkle" to me like winter. With the glistening snow and twinkle of the holidays, I can't help but want a little extra glitz for my tips. This winter I have been reaching for gold and silver metallics, with topcoats of glitter polish. No one does luxe like Essie, and this winter is no exception. Two of my favorite polishes right now are "Good as Gold" and their Luxeffects "Sparkle on Top." Both are perfect alone and even better together!

Fur Lined Suede Moccasins: Winter is pretty much the only time of year I don't wander my apartment barefoot. There is just something about being barefoot that is comfortable and liberating to me. I generally dislike slippers and even to a certain extent socks. However, I have hard wood floors in my apartment and even without the polar vortex, find them to be a little too cold during winter to walk around without a barrier between them and my skin. Enter moccasins: the perfect house shoe. I have a pair lined with fur and an unlined suede pair, they work with or without socks and don't slip off like traditional slippers. Which drives me nuts. I wear them all the time when just hanging out in my apartment.

Candy Cane Chapstick: Hello new favorite thing. I am obsessed with lip balm, my lips always seem to be dry and cracked, dry lips are my biggest pet peeve, I hate having them or even seeing them on other people. Gah! Nightmares! Anyways, I love that Chapstick released this slightly tingly, peppermint-y flavor for the holidays. Not only did I stock-up to last the rest of winter, but I gave them to everyone for Christmas to spread their awesomeness with others. =)

Winter Candy Apple Gel & Body Cream: So...this is actually a sad one for me. For years this has been my go-to scent for winter. Every year for like the past 5 years someone in my family knows that I love it, need it, have to have it, and buys it for me for my birthday or Christmas. This year, no such luck...and with the hustle and bustle of the season, I completely forgot to pick it up for myself. So, I missed out. BBW ran out in the local stores quickly and then the body cream sold out online too. Infinite sad face. So, I am currently rationing the last of my supply from last year and am about to run out, eek! Anyways, its a must have. Find it while you can! 

Plaid Peacoat: Living in a cold state where winter seems to last the better part of the year, I have always liked to have a variety of coats to choose from for when I leave the confines of my warm apartment. I think that outerwear is just as much a statement about your style and taste preferences as your normal clothes are. This probably explains why I love me a plaid winter coat (or 5). My philosophy is that if you like your coat(s) you will be more inclined to want to leave your apartment and not just hibernate all winter. To me, coats in unexpected prints, colors, shapes, and details are fabulous. I don't want to wear a boring black coat for 6 months out of the year (if you do, that's a-okay too), its just my personal preference. However, good outerwear, the type that actually keeps your warm and is cut to fit all your bulky layers without making you look like the kid from A Christmas Story, are not typically cheap. This is why I stalk sales and look for middle of the road priced pieces, knowing I won't wear the same coat every day, but that I want to be warm and comfortable too. I think that this peacoat by Old Navy is perfection. I love the red and navy pattern, the cute play on a peter pan collar (which is removeable), and the contrast between textures of the smooth wool and the sherpa collar. Just darling! I definitely snatched this up in December and have had it in rotation with my two other plaid dress coats this winter. At 50% off, there is not time like the present to add this piece to your closet too!

Cream Bow Gloves: This goes along with the coat philosophy: have lots of cute options and putting on your winter duds will seem like planning another outfit (yay!) versus transforming into the Michelin man to leave the house (boo!). I always destroy my gloves, I wear them to death which is why having a lot helps. when one unravels or gets lost, I have back-ups ready and my tiny fingers are never left to become popsicles. I particularly love the gloves with the mitten flap because I fine them the most practical for my everyday life. These cream ones match the sherpa in the coat above AND have sparkly bows, what more could you want? 

Tassel Necklace: I wear mine practically everyday. It is seriously the greatest piece ever; goes with basically every neckline, every color, pattern, cut, layer under a scarf, in a neck stack, etc. Seriously, the styling possibilities are endless. I got mine (featured in excess on instagram) from Mint Sugar Boutique, but there are so many options, like the one pictured from Bauble Bar which comes in a variety of colors/metals. You won't regret adding one to your collection. 

Alice & Olivia for Starbucks Travel Mug: Just look at it; adorable, ridiculous, fun. It's a mug wearing a tutu. Enough said.

Cable Knit Sweater: Fact: you cannot survive the polar vortex or any of its siblings without a healthy supply of sweaters to slip into and cozy up in. This happens to be my personal favorite, I love the color, the cable knit pattern and the material. Since I am allergic to wool, I especially love that this is wool-free, yet it is still super warm. It comes in a variety of colors and can be worn over a button-up, under a vest, or on its own with a scarf or jewelry. Definitely a winter staple. 

Candy Cane Lane Tea: It's simply delicious, the perfect hint of candy cane. Buy it, make it, become addicted.  

Fresh Picked Hard Working Hand Cream: I work in an office and handle a ton of paper. I live in a state that salts its paved surfaces in the winter. I exist in a world bent on sucking moisture from me. =( Hand cream is pretty much essential to not having my skin splitting open and bleeding everywhere. As a sensitive skinned and mentally unstable crazy person, I am incredibly picky about cream and lotion texture/consistency. Think of me as the Goldie Locks of lotions. This product line from BBW is a life safer, as its "just right." Not greasy or oily, light fragrance, coats but doesn't make your hands feel slick. I use it like 5 times a day and am still on my first tube, which I bought in the fall = extra happy camper.  

Statement Necklace: see rave review here. Buy it, rock it, love it. <3

Faux Fur Throw Blanket: I'm unashamedly an old lady trapped in a nearly 30 year old body. I am cold all.the.time. It's not even funny; shivering is like a natural state for my body. I wear sweaters in the summer, so you can image that amount of clothing I need to wear in the winter. So, when I went out in search of yet another throw blanket for my apartment and stumbled about this jem I was elated. This faux fur blanket is the best thing ever. Its like being hugged by a million polar bears. I am almost never without it at home (where no matter what the thermostat says, it always feels 10 degrees colder). It you are a cold blooded person like myself, which I am declaring a thing, you need this blanket, check your local Target stat people!

Knee High Socks: Obviously. I don't wear boots without these. You can wear them over leggings, tights, and jeans (or under depending on the cut). I am digging cute details, like the bows on this pair, but patterns, a variety of colors, and varying heights are all worth experimenting with. 

Plaid Snow Boots: as much as I would love and could totally justify investing in a good pair of snow boots, like Sorels, I cannot afford them at this time. BUT Target has some amazing options that are much more pleasing to my bank account. From their selection of casual boots, dress boots, ankles boots, rain boots, and snow boots, Target is definitely stepping up their game to offer designer inspired options at a lower price. I have the particular pair pictured and these boots are cute, warm, cozy, and with a rubber sole, are holding up well to Detroit's icy, snowy, freezing winter. I picked them up right after Christmas for 40% off, which made them a total steal!

Merry Cookie Candle: Every season has a blend of scents in my apartment because I am pretty much obsessed with candles, so one is never enough! For fall its pumpkin, spice, and apple inspired scents, for winter its vanilla, sugar cookies, and caramel. BBW has such yummy candle fragrances and they easily fill the air with a delightful aroma after a short time of burning. I am definitely a fan! I have also been known to pick up the jar candles from Michael's (the craft store) which have great scents at an unbeatable price (find them on sale for 2 for $8!). My only complaint is that they don't burn down as clean as the BBW ones or as soy candles. What are you favorite scents?

So that concludes my incredibly detailed review of all of the things getting me through the winter season. If you made it to the end I applaud you! I will work on my brevity for the next post, I promise. I hope you all have a wonderful and warm weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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In the Navy

Happy Friday lovelies!! Two posts in a row...that's crazy talk, right? Well, let's not get to use to this, the universe might find out and smite me ;-) It's hard for me to believe that January is almost over, 2014 is flying by already! How is everyone doing with their resolutions? I am doing well with some of my resolutions, and others are patiently waiting for more hours to miraculously be added to the day, AKA until graduation ;-) On their closet remix challenges? I am doing outstanding with the remix challenge, no purchases for me! Well, except one sweater with a gift card I received for Christmas, but I don't consider that a cheat! I will be posting soon about my 52 things in 52 weeks progress; I figured a monthly recap would be good to keep me on track. Did anyone else create a list for this year too?

Today's post is an outfit I wore to work this week. It's still ridiculously cold in Detroit, like negative temps plus the wind chill. I feel like my insides are permanently frozen. So, another sweater over collared shirt with skirt and tights outfit was a necessity, and is pretty much my work uniform, you can verify that via my instagram feed if you don't believe me ;-) Why tights in negative temps? you might be thinking....Well, I hate the white marks that creep up pant legs as salty snow water evaporates in the winter. I much prefer tights and skirts; no wet hemlines and no pesky white zigzags racing up my legs. If you are lucky enough to live where they don't salt the roads, I envy you. However, here in the mitten, we salt the roads and sidewalks, and call me crazy, but I hate that it gets everywhere including my clothing. Hence my aversion to pants =)

This year my work uniform has been painted navy blue. I have been wearing it a ton, like "I think I might need color rehab because I am addicted," wearing it. My apologies if you are sick of the color, but I can't help it. Last year I wore almost exclusively black, but this year I'm gravitating towards navy. This sweater, which I also wore here, was a birthday gift from Kevin, and although I basically picked it out, I love it nonetheless. Plus, with how cold it has been this year, I have added quite a few sweaters to my closet to keep warm and this is no exception, so cozy! Are you living in sweaters this winter too?

In addition to being painted in navy, my daily outfits have been featuring some serious bling as of late. I have been wearing a statement necklace almost every.single.day. I just can't seem to get enough! Today I'm wearing another fabulous and affordable piece from Purple Peridot. This necklace is ah-may-zing; it was seriously love at first sight! Plus, the colors are so vibrant they look spectacular against the stark white of winter AND will transition perfectly into the spring and summer (which can't get here soon enough!). Have you been reaching for some extra sparkle during this bleak winter?

skirt: old navy | sweater: old navy | shirt: jcrew factory | booties: old navy | purse: target | sunnies: forever 21 | tights: target
necklace: purple peridot | purple bracelet: c/o our world boutique | link bracelet: jcrew factory | bow bangle: old navy 

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