05 February 2015

Valentine's Day Wishlist

This time of year leaves me with a serious crush on all things pink. As the winter snow and bitter cold seem endless, I can't help but daydream of springtime. Springtime for my closet means rolling out all of my pink - neon, pastel, patterned, you name it, I will probably be wearing it! This past week I have been feeling especially impatient for warmer weather...perhaps it was the 2 feet of snow dropped on us, or perhaps it was the silly groundhog...I'm not quite sure, but I have been prematurely slipping pink back into my outfits. Currently on my radar - pastel pink and blush. Sigh. Thinking of them just makes me smile wistfully. Plus, with Valentine's Day a little over a week away, the influx of pink products is insane. Talk about developing a serious case of the "I wants." I figure if I cross my fingers one or two of these items may find their way to me on the 14th =) If not, I will be keeping my eye out as we move closer to the thaw and snagging them as I can. In either case, here's a peek at my latest lust list just in time for V-day! 

Valentine's Day Wishlist

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Topping my list are the matching pastel pink Robinson bag with matching wallet, that color is sheer perfection. Up there with a new carry-all, is a collection of delicate rings. I am loving finger stacks, simple shapes, and the midi-rings - so chic. Lastly, I am craving new shoes...duh. Its pretty much an insatiable hunger, especially knowing these floral (LOVE!) patterned Emery flats & neon pink bowed heels exist. I must have these in my closet for spring! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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