20 January 2015

Winter Mint

To say that winter and I are not friends, would be a grievous understatement. I hate the cold, I hate the wet, I hate the bitter wind, I hate the salt, I hate that it takes for-ever to drive anywhere. As you can imagine, I am just a ball of joy to be around from January to May (April if we're lucky). The only thing I do not hate during winter is the fashion. I love layers, I love tights, I love boots, I love vests, sweaters, scarves; you get the point, right? One thing that has really influenced my mood this winter (in a positive way), is adding brighter colors and pastels into my otherwise black and navy winter wardrobe palette. Case and point; mint. I am obsessed with mint this winter. While I typically think of mint as a spring and summer hue, I am loving the icy, cool quality it has - perfect for winter too! I have picked up a few mint colored sweaters and they definitely make the cold a little more bearable. Here are some other pieces that are melting my hatred toward winter.

Winter Mint

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More mint to love:

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