10 November 2014

Fall Essentials: Accessories

Today I'm kicking off a series on fall essentials. I don't know about you, but I transition a lot of my fall apparel into my winter looks and try to hold off on pulling out my winter coat until it's absolutely necessary. I mean, the winter solstice isn't until December 21st after all. So, even though it may seem a little late to talk essentials, remember everything I am calling a "fall" must-have, can still be worn for many more months!

Let's begin with the finishing touches you add to your outfit. I love fall accessories probably more than any other season's. There is an ease and simple chicness that comes with dressing for comfort in fall and the accessories tend to follow suit. I typically swap pastel and neon tones for rich, saturated ones, and start reaching for scarves to add to every outfit. 

Speaking of scarves, I am beyond obsessed. I own way, way too many scarves, to the point where I am literally in a seasonal rotation. The storage bins in my closet are bursting at the seams with off-season piles of them. For fall, I tend to gravitate towards flannel, knit, and over-sized scarves. I'm definitely verging on unhealthy when it comes to collecting Zara's plaid blanket scarves.

Other accessories I am loving this season are typically functional as well as fashionable. The name of the game as I see it is practicality; staying warm (scarves and tights) and staying dry (hats and umbrellas). I also look for something special in my functional accessories, such as touches of interesting texture and color. I am loving the floppy felt hats popping up in stores; such a romantic shape and so soft to the touch. I am also happy to see a wide variety of tights out again this year, the intricate patterns are divine! See the rest of my essential accessories below.

Fall Essentials Accessories

Tote | Scarf | Hat | Earrings | Umbrella | Necklace | Nail Polish (L) (R) | Tights (L) (R

Shop more fall accessories below:

What accessories are on your radar this season?
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