10 December 2013

What to Wear: Holiday Party Edition Part 2

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Hope everyone's week got off to a good start yesterday. Today I am back talking about what to wear to holiday parties, and today's outfit inspiration focuses on another classic holiday trend: lace. In yesterday's post, I incorporated sequins into some holiday outfits that played up crimson, the quintessential Christmas color. But red isn't the only color that I think of this time of year; I think of the icy blue tones of frost and the navy blues of the increased midnight hours, as well as red's complimentary color green; decking our halls in emerald jewels and evergreen boughs; these are all colors and tones that I am drawn to this time of year. In honor of these blue and green hues, I have composed some outfits featuring gorgeous lace dresses in this pallet. As with yesterday's post, I have styled each color two ways, showing again how you can recycle your holiday outfits throughout the season.

Holiday Sparkle: Lovely in Lace

green outfit top: dress / clutch / shoes / earrings / bracelet / blue bracelet
blue outfit top: dress / clutch / shoes / earrings / bracelet
green outfit bottom: dress / clutch / shoes / earrings / belt / necklace
blue outfit bottom: dress / clutch / shoes / earrings / bracelet / necklace

When styling a lace dress, the dress should be the focal point, and all of the accessories should complement it. The perfect neutrals during the holidays, in my self-proclaimed "expert opinion," are silver and gold, and there is no shortage of metallic options right now! This brings me to accessory talk time: ok, I believe it is a personal style choice whether you think more is more, or less is more, but my preference for most holiday parties: work, family, church, etc. is that less is more. That being said, for this post I have chosen more delicate and subdued pieces that add a touch of sparkle and glitz, without leaving you looking like you are wearing an accident from the glitter factory. Also, keep in mind that you don't need a statement necklace, especially with a lace neckline. If you feel it's too much, skip the neck candy, the lace is enough. You can always add your sparkle elsewhere. I have styled these dresses both ways, just in case. And, if you are a more is more girl, that's fine too, just double up on things from each of the outfit options!

Will you be wearing lace this season?
What are your go-to colors during the holidays?

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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