26 November 2013

What to Wear: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Tuesday loves! Today was such a hectic day with work and a big paper due for school that I seriously have been looking forward to escaping and posting here ALL day. Total distraction, but I couldn't help it, I am just so gosh darn excited for Thanksgiving and most importantly, planning what to wear ahead of time so that the day of, I can focus on how grateful I am. For today's post, I have created three outfits to help you plan what to wear on Turkey Day. All of the items featured are from Target, because holy moley are Target's sales this week OUT.OF.CONTROL. We're talking boots and handbags buy one get one 50% off, 40% off sweaters, 40% jeans, and price cuts on tons of statement jewelry, and that's not even looking at Cartwheel, which if you haven't heard is now available to everyone, even if you don't have a Facebook account, yippee! That being said, don't be surprised if the outfit below featuring the chevron sweater shows up as my #ootd on instagram, because I caved and bought it yesterday, it was such a steal! So run, don't walk, to Target if you are in a rut planning your holiday outfit =)

So, let's talk Thanksgiving day outfits. Now, I don't know about you, but growing up, Thanksgiving was always a dressy holiday. My mom would make my sisters (I have 3 younger ones) and I special dresses for Thanksgiving and Christmas, braid our hair the night before so we would all have long wavey hair under our giant bow barrettes, and find the most ridiculous tights (white with red heats, anyone?) to wear with our little patent Mary Jane's. We were like a set of Russian nestling dolls at Thanksgiving, and at Christmas, and at pretty much every holiday for that matter. But, as we grew up, the fanciness inevitably began to fade. My sisters and I now text each other ahead of time to make sure its okay not style our hair or wear makeup or even to wear our yoga pants over to my mom's house. "We're not taking pictures, right?" someone will text. We all conspire to get out of looking nice. We look nice everyday (seriously, I work at an Architectural Engineering firm, two of my sisters are teachers, and my baby sister works at a library, it's like a fashion show every freakin' day), Thanksgiving is a holiday, holidays are for resting, we want a break, hence the conspiring. Now, there are some holidays when we decide to not look like a bunch of rag-a-muffins, mostly anytime we are not celebrating at my mom's house, so...like when we are out in public, bahaha. You are welcome world.

I digress...Anyways, this year Kevin and I will be making the lovely, scenic, 3 hour commute across the state to spend Thanksgiving with his family (its going to be awesome and I am excited to spend my first holiday with his family!), sadly though, this means I will be in public, which means no yoga pants for me (you can just hear my disappointed sigh, right?). BUT that also means I get a new outfit, its only fair if I have to wear make-up and brush my hair on my day of rest, right? ;-) So, after seeing a few ladies snag the aforementioned chevron sweater shown below, I ran out to Target to get one. First trip = fail, didn't even have them at my store. Second trip = success, only one in the store was in my size = happy dance! Since I have been told that the atmosphere will still be fairly casual, I will probably pair my sweater with dark denim and red and leopard details. Since its apparently winter in Michigan (its in the 20's, eek!), I will also be wearing a coat, and this one just happens to be on my lust list! Now, knowing that other families still maintain a sense of decorum that my own has lost, I also put together a dressy-casual and dressier outfit that I would also wear if warranted. 

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

casual: jeans / sweater / coat / shoes / purse / scarf / belt / bracelet / essie
dressy casual: pants / sweater / coat / pumps / purse / necklace / bracelet / essie
dressy: dress / coat / booties / purse / belt / necklace / bracelet / tights / essie 

If I were not going to wear jeans, a pair of dressier pants, like those pictured with an amazing window pane print, would definitely suffice. I added a little print mixing with the polka dot sweater (also on sale with the chevron one for 40% off) and a plaid coat. All the pieces feel cohesive because of the color story: cobalt, black, and cream. Since there are a few patterns at play here, I decided to keep the accessories monochromatic and chic, all in black. If dress up for Thanksgiving, a sweater dress with booties and colored tights is a must! Again, the color story here is three part, black, tan, and burgundy. The burgundy is so festive and really pops against the black. I added an edgier cut-out bootie to add a touch of hard in contrast with the softness of the dress. Whatever you wear, I think the most important part is feeling comfortable, especially if your family makes enough food to feed an army =)

And now, for your viewing enjoyment, I have decided to share a family picture from a few years ago when the sister who is an art teacher, decided we needed to do a "family Thanksgiving craft," made us make hand print turkey sweatshirts. Yeah, I know, you wish you were this awesome.

Olivia, Me, Stacy, Tina

Do you have any Thanksgiving Day traditions?
What is the dress code for your Thanksgiving?

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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