21 November 2013

Oh, Deer!

Happy Thursday Lovelies! Sorry for the disappearing act the last week, but school has been insane, I mean, like beyond insane! I hope you can forgive me and can relate to what I'm going through since it's also the beginnings of the bustle of the holiday season and I'm willing to bet you all feel like there is just not enough time ever. My sincerest apologies. So, while the semester is winding down the next month I will try my hardest to find time to post, but bear with me, I am a grad student, and an incredibly foolish one for taking 5 classes this semester; begrudgingly, school comes first. Even though I would rather spend my time talking fashion than wind energy applications for the built environment...weird, right? ;-)

That being said, I have a plan for the next few weeks and I am actually really excited about it! I am hoping to post 3-4 times a week and will be starting a recipe feature weekly, outfit posts as usual, holiday gift giving guides, and of course, ideas of what to wear this holiday season! So, I hope to be able to follow through on my plans and I hope you enjoy this direction for the next few weeks. 

Today, however, I want to share with you my current style crush: everything and anything deer. I can actually pinpoint the thing that pushed me over the edge to adoration of this gorgeous animal: this Old Navy sweater. Prior to seeing this sweater on their website last weekend, I sort of thought the whole deer and reindeer everywhere thing was just eh. I was feeling very ambiguous towards the docile creature gracing the fronts of tee's and sweaters, and popping up as a major theme in holiday decor this year. Give me Thumper over Bambi any day, were my thoughts. Keyword: were. All this has changed, and much to Kevin's chagrin too. I am 100% team Bambi now (don't worry I am still team Thumper too, like I could actually choose just one, psh, child please). So, having fallen for the sweater, I went a little crazy, as is my nature, and started stalking all the deer related things that I now "need" (hence Kevin's chagrin). So, I put together a little sample of all of my latest obsession. 

Oh, Deer!

row one: one / two / three / four
row two: one / two / three / four
row three: one / two / three / four

AND, being the crazy, overly enthusiastic type-A that I am, I even put together some outfits show how I would love to style some of the items featured above, so you all can be obsessed with me. You. Are. Welcome. =D

Oh Deer Outfit 1

Is there anything better than a slouchy, cozy sweater? One with deer of course! I love this sweater and my favorite way to wear an over-sized sweater is with leggings and boots. I also love unexpected layers, like adding a preppy gingham button-up under a loose, bohemian style sweater, so that is exactly how I would wear this one. To add a pop of color to this outfit, I would toss on some bright orange, simple stud earrings and orange satchel. Beanies are everywhere this season and this outfit is a perfect mix of styles and textures to add a navy beanie over my long, unruly hair. Lastly, these boots - perfect to wear from fall into winter, and oh my gosh, the Sherpa lining peeking over is perfection!  

Oh Deer Outfit 2

plaid shirt / necklace / watch & bracelets / jeans / sweater / booties / fur vest / purse

For this deer sweater, which I am currently swooning over the mostest, I would definitely wear it out for lunch with girlfriends on the weekend. Again, layers are my best friend. Here, I would play with bordeaux details, because I am love, loving it this season! Plus it pairs well with gray tones and brown tones. These buckle ankle booties are on my lust list, but as I have gotten a few pairs this season already, a chocolate colored pair such as these, will more than likely have to wait til next fall to enter my closet. However, my future booties would be worn with this sweater, dark wash jeans, a plaid and statement jewelry, as is my weekend uniform as the weather is cold and I need to layer up. As a finishing touch, I would throw a fur vest on, for fun, for warmth, and for my love of fur. I mean, really, do you need a reason to add a faux fur vest over anything? Nope, you don't. 

Oh deer Outfit 3

blazer / belt / cross-body purse / scarf / cords / tee / necklace / watch / shoes

For this outfit, I decided to style this JCrew Factory deer tee for work. I would wear it with a pair of wine colored cords and this fabulous plaid blazer from Target. Yes, I am still obsessed with deep reds, sue me. AND, navy and bordeaux just happens to be one of my favorite color combinations for fall, so rich and classic, complementing the white and gold tee beautifully. Right? I know you love it too! I would play off the deer on the tee and wear this cognac colored quilted cross-body purse, which is also the perfect textural pairing with the knit scarf and corduroy pants. Lastly, for the details of this outfit, I would throw a little pattern mixing in with leopard heels and belt, I just can't help myself! Since the deer on the shirt is sparkly, I would keep my jewelry tastefully minimal, I am at work after all ;-) so I don't want to have too much going on in my business casual environment, a simple pearl statement necklace and this adorable bow watch are the perfect accessories! 

So that is how I would style deer adorned pieces if I had unlimited funds. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she? 

What are you obsessing over this week?
What are you thoughts on deer; yay or nay?
Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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