27 September 2013

Casual Fridays: My Target Sale Picks

For today's Casual Friday Post, I don't have an outfit to share, eek! I'm sorry. This is partially because this week has been incredibly, insanely busy, but also because I really wanted a chance to share with you my favorite picks from the Target shoe and handbag sale. Yes, that's right ladies, Target. Where a package of t.p. ends up costing you $150. Our female genetic weakness. Combine that with shoes and bags, and I'm sure your male counterparts are headed as far away from you as possible.

Ok, so let's get down to business. This week is Target's buy one, get one 50% sale for handbags and purse, both in stores and online. Christmas come early this year ;-) Oh wait, I'm on a #noshoptilnovember challenge because of Target already...uh-oh. Please, please, please cross your fingers for me not to give in! So, even though I will be attempting to sit this sale out, I didn't want anyone else to miss out. Isn't that nice of me? You. Are. Welcome. =D

If I were to shop, it would be out of necessity. I am in desperate need of a new pair of black boots and I have found a pair or two that I love at Target. Four years ago I bought 3 pairs of boots from Target (during another sale, of course) and they are all still in pretty good condition (and remember I live in Michigan, so they have seen their fair share of inclement weather). That is why I don't mind getting my fashion boots from Target; they get the job done, are cute, and are definitely affordable (sorry Keirnan riding boots, maybe next year...), which is perfect for any fashionista on a serious budget. All the pairs of boots and flats on the list (I mean, who doesn't need a pair of leopard loafers, right??) come in at or under $40; so with the sale, you can get great footwear for fall without breaking the bank. Also, those suede lace up booties come in black, and they are simply divine! Swoon. 

Target has also been hitting out of the park when it comes to handbags this year. I have the plum colored satchel below in cognac (seen here, here, and here) and love the rich purple hue as well. The mustard cross-body bag would also be perfect for fall and is a great option for those who missed out on the yellow Phillip Lim bags a few weeks ago. I am also loving the hounds-tooth printed wallet its so fun and unexpected, plus it will pop against any color bag. So many purses, so few arms to carry them all!

Target picks

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Will you be shopping the sale? 
What's on your must-have list for fall? 

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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